About Equity Analyzer

Equity Analyzer is dedicated to helping real estate investors make the most of today’s housing market.

This unique system is a step-by-step process that allows our students to focus only on the properties in any local market with the largest profit potential and that stand the greatest chance of selling faster than comparable real estate in the area.

Brad Sides, master real estate investor and award-winning mentor, developed The Equity Analyzer system to help investors like you gain an edge in today’s competitive market. Brad lives by his motto, “Buy Right”, and has taught thousands of real estate investors nationwide the strategies for achieving financial freedom by buying the RIGHT properties in the right segment of the their real estate market – all based on real-world numbers and facts.

Using a set of “buying triggers” students using the Equity Analyzer software can zero in on real estate properties that are often overlooked yet can be hidden goldmines with large profit potential.

The Equity Analyzer gives new and veteran real estate investors a competitive edge in finding the best real estate suited for their individual financial goals.